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Reverse Engineering Disneyland’s Monorail Orange

Disneyland’s celebrated Monorail fleet has served the park well since 1959. We’re currently on the Mark V, the third version to be used at Disneyland. Mark VI is currently in use at WDW. But the years have taken their toll on the fleet and its time for another upgrade to the system. Last year the… Read More »Reverse Engineering Disneyland’s Monorail Orange

Disney CG Animator Q&A

Cg-Char has a discussion board based interview with Doug Bennett where the board members get to ask the questions. Doug is currently a Supervising Animator at Disney Feature Animation on Chicken Little, the first totally CG animated film from Disney. His previous work includes Disney’s Treasure Planet, Fantasia2000, and the Care Bears animated TV show.… Read More »Disney CG Animator Q&A

Disneyland Ghost tour?

Want to explore your morbid curiousity this fall? Then this rumored tour of Disneyland and California Adventure is for you. As reported on During the tour guests will “learn about” various “Ghost” stories and lore (entertainment purposes only) about some of the more “out of the way” places in Disneyland and California Adventure (even… Read More »Disneyland Ghost tour?

MGM Studios Construction

Orlando Rocks has become a great source for updates on all the top Orlando area attractions. They recently posted a photo essay on the next attraction to hit Disney World “Motors—– Action! Stunt Show” at Disney’s MGM Studios. Looks like the show construction is nearly completion.

Disneyland Casino?

Word is out from Garden Grove that they intend to sell or lease a prime piece of real estate to a California Indian tribe with the goal of building a casino resort. Steve Wynn, Las Vegas uber-mogul, has been mentioned as a possible developer. Garden Grove borders Anaheim about 2 miles south of Disneyland on… Read More »Disneyland Casino?

Eisner visits Post Charley Disney World

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Michael Eisner, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, visited the Orlando theme parks on Wednesday the 18th. He surveyed the damage and then talked with employees thanking them for their work at keeping the parks operating with minimal delays.

Speaking of Micro Charities

Speaking of Micro-Charities, I hope you all are watching the best feel good TV show of the year — Disney’s Extreme Home Makever. The selection process ensures that the money and donations is going to a family that is truely in need. And the result is always a tearful happy joyful ending and a new… Read More »Speaking of Micro Charities