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Round Up

Morning Report – Thursday Thoughts Edition

Time to close a few open tabs with some interesting stories I just haven’t had time to explore this last week: This infographic looks at how much financial impact Toy Story 3 has had. The $1.6 billion in box office is impressive, but the last… Read More »Morning Report – Thursday Thoughts Edition

Weekend Update – Roundup

Have a few links I think you’ll definitely want to check out:

Vintage Disneyland Tickets has scanned in a 1963 Popular Science article that features Imagineer Rolly Crump, the model for Ford’s Magic Skyway and the working test environment for the attraction. It would debut at the 1964 World’s Fair. Then the technology would lager become the People Mover attraction at Disneyland.

I’ve really been enjoying the blog “The Best Possible Job” by former Disneyland cast member Anne. Easy to read and full of insight.

I missed this the other day, but USA Today had a great interview with Aaron Kelly after was voted off American Idol. Kelly talks about his experience with Disney’s American Idol Experience and how it helped prepare him for the real thing. I imagine we’ll see even more idol hopefuls on stage at AIE as word gets out about it’s role in Kelly’s journey.

The OC Register has been doing a great series of articles on the upgrades Disneyland’s Rivers of America recently received. There are now new scenes and plant life that ties into actual American rivers. A great idea I hope they attempt to replicate out east.

Every few years Disneyland highlights it’s after-dark crew and this year the LA Times got the honor of writing up the story. It’s a good one.  If you like this stuff, I recommend you track down the book “One Day At Disneyland“.

Disney Theatrical has been regularly adding new videos to its YouTube Channel. Some great behind the scenes stuff there. I’ve put the most recent one, The Lion King: Meet The Characters – Zazu/Rafiki, below the jump

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Wednesday Night Roundup – Go Fish

The Children’s Place has filed for bankruptcy. Well sort of, the subsidiary that holds the Disney Store license Did. The negotiations with the Walt Disney Company to repatriate The Disney Stores from The Children’s Place are still on going. This could complicate matters a bit… Read More »Wednesday Night Roundup – Go Fish