Disney War: Book Reviews are in

Disney War by James Stewart, the book that fires the heavy artillery at Michael Eisner, Bob Iger, and their co-conspirators in the fiscal mishandling of the Disney Brand, has been released and the reviews are in. I have not yet gotten my hands on a… Read More »Disney War: Book Reviews are in

Gargoyles, the first season on DVD

Disney has released the first season of their animated TV series Gargoyles on a Special Edition DVD. Apparently it’s a big hit. It’s Amazon DVD sales rank today is #144. I loved watching this show durings its first run. It thought it was smart, well voiced, and often beautifully drawn. Disney really did some of their best work during that Disney Afternoon phase. As my son grows up I hope figure out what they were doing then and capture some of that magic again. Until then this will just have to go on my wish list.

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