Disney Gift Suggestions: Nickel Tour

Mikey over at WebMikey reviews one of my favorite Disney books, Disneyland The Nickel Tour. If you have a friend or family member who is at all interested in Disneyland, its history, and the stories behind the magic, then Disneyland: The Nickel Tour would make a magical gift this holiday season. Written by Imagineers who have obsessed with Disneyland their whole lives, this is the best detail on the park’s history I have yet to find.

2 thoughts on “Disney Gift Suggestions: Nickel Tour”

  1. I’d sure like to know how to purchase this book, as I’ve tried twice to buy it through Amazon this year – which lists a “1 to 2 month” availability – only to get an email from Amazon after a few noting that they’ve been unable to contact the publisher. That publisher, “Camphor Tree” has a web site at…


    which lists the book at its full price of $75 (plus $7 s&h yipes!), which I might even consider, given that the first edition seemingly can’t be found for less than several hundred dollars, but I can’t do that either, as their link to their purchase site is broken. Email to Camphor Tree is never answered.

    I’m trying through Amazon yet again, but am beginning to wonder whether this book is as ephemeral as the Disneyland of the past. :-)


  2. Just a suggestion to any Disney manufacturer/buyer out there…plesae make an alarm clock that plays “zippity-do-da”


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