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Long Live the Disney Magazine

Reading this post about the diminishing power of traditional media (via ) reminded me of the big news that Jim Hill Media broke yesterday, Disney Magazine has published its last issue (no official announcement on the website yet). Never able to recover after the end of The Magic Kingdom Club and unable to compete… Read More »Long Live the Disney Magazine

Eisner Ethics? Oxymoron?

During cross-examination, this prominent business executive [ Eisner ] admitted without embarrassment or remorse that he repeatedly lied publicly and privately to conceal a monumental business error and an irreparable rift between Disney and its newly-hired-but-in-the-process-of-being-fired president Michael Ovitz – a termination that cost Disney $140 million. Michael Josephson, who you’ve probably heard on the… Read More »Eisner Ethics? Oxymoron?

Night of Joy 2004

Although I don’t speak the language the photos in this trip report tell the story. In this case of a Miami Florida Spanish Language radio station staff member attending the 2004 Night of Joy at Walt Disney World.