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Phil on Wire

Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 3 – Phil on Wire

After last week’s double feature, Modern Family was back this week with “Phil on Wire.” All in all, I thought it was a pretty good episode. I enjoy anytime Haley and Alex scheme together; Cam & Mitch had some funny moments, and Gloria once again steals the episode with her comedy.

Cam decides to embark on a juice fast, and Mitchell is not too happy about it. He claims that Cam is even more emotionally unstable when you deprive him of food and “stage by stage it’s a slow decent into madness.” I found the progression pretty funny, so I’ve listed Cam’s “stages” below:

  1. “The Clean Sweep”
  2. “Attack Mitchell – Because when his diet crashes and burns into a giant pile of Nutella, I’m the one he’s going to blame.”
  3. “Soap Actress”
  4. “A Rush of Epiphanies” which included “I don’t need food!” and “Spaniards make amazing¬†athletes.”
  5. “Despair”
  6. “Rage”

At this point, Mitchell admits that Cam has never made it this far in a diet so he doesn’t know what the next stage is….but he doesn’t think it will be “Charming Party Guest.” (Mitchell joins Cam in the juice fast to support him.) Turns out, Mitch and Cam were so emotionally drained and hungry that they both let loose an outburst of sadness while Mitchell’s boss was telling a sad story about an experience with a sea lion. After that, they had an “I love you just the way you are” hug in the ocean. (I found it odd that they didn’t kiss at this moment; the show has before been criticized before for not allowing Mitch & Cam to display as much affection as Phil & Clare.)

At the Dunphy’s house, Phil wants to pursue his dream of walking on a tightrope. Also at the Dunphy’s, Haley is upset because Alex has been advanced into the same math class as her. She turns the situation around, though, by agreeing to let Alex sit at the popular table in exchange for answers to tests and homework. They get caught, prompting a visit to the principal’s office. (And Clare yells at a parking officer…her speech had several good quips, check it out below the jump)

And in another Modern Family story about coddling, Gloria is upset that Jay and Stella (the dog) are becoming very close. The dog sleeps with him and even showers with him. (Very funny!) Gloria gets angry that the dog only chews on her things, so she tries to get Stella to chew on Jay’s shoe by…chewing on it herself. (I couldn’t contain my laughter at this point.)

Based on the past three episodes what do you think of the third season so far? Are even more awards in the show’s future?

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