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The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow – now confirmed!

When is an attraction announcement not really an announcement? When it’s published accidentally, that’s when. It’s no secret that the Prince Caspian exhibit has been moved out of its Sound Stage in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There has even been some speculation about what would be going into that space on various fan sites.

Usually those exhibits are ‘sponsored’ by some marketing budget or another from the Walt Disney Studios. Typically the goal is to sell DVDs or build audience affiliation for a sequel. So it was assumed that the next exhibit would be for a movie that had seen some success (which means it has a decent marketing budget) and is likely to have a sequel.

If the first movie that comes to your mind in The Muppets, then let’s say Great Minds Think Alike. Other likely candidates include John Carter or TRON: Legacy. However neither of those have had sequels greenlit. So Muppets it is. It even already has a tie-in with DHS.

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LA Times knows why Disney dumped Narnia

The Big Picture blog at the LA Times explores some of the rumors behind Disney’s Christmas Eve dumping of the Narnia Franchise. As it turns out, the differences between Walden media and Walt Disney pictures played a large role. what really derailed Disney’s involvement with… Read More »LA Times knows why Disney dumped Narnia

Disney Drops Third Narnia Film

Fans of the Narnia films will have to hope some other studio picks up the option to produce and distribute the third Nania film, The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, the Walt Disney Studios has passed on its option to renew the series. Frankly this… Read More »Disney Drops Third Narnia Film

Thursday Night Thunder Mountain – Disney Links

  • LA Times blogger Brady MacDonald matched wits with Pixar’s John Lasseter on California Adventure’s Toy Story Midway Mania attraction. Guess who won?
  • Jason S. gets a little morbid and digs up stories on some of the earliest deaths associated with Disneyland. None, the fault of the park, as far as he can tell.
  • The official Star Wars blog (how does one get that gig, btw?) has pictures from last weekends Star Wars Weekends event including a picture of the walk-around Ashoka Tano character from The Clone Wars movie.
  • Three interesting stories from the business section of the Orlando Sentinel. Apparently the Narnia: Prince Caspian walk-through exhibit will open by the end of the month. The Orlando International Airport won’t be opening any new theme park shops. The Nickelodeon hotel adds another attraction, this time a 4-D movie. Not sure that will be as big an attraction as the great pool area there, but it’s an idea.

You may remember that Disney and NASA sent Buzz Lightyear into space for long visit to the Space Station. I hope that he doesn’t suffer any ill effects from the zero gravity. But he did sent back a video showing him living large in space, you can view it below the cut.

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Official Movie Companion for Prince Caspian a treasure all its own

I was greatly pleased to be given the chance to review the Official Illustrated Movie Companion to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The book is chock full of amazing photos and rich detail that provides wonderful insight into the mind and actions of the film’s creators.

To top it off the writing is easy to follow, but shows a real love and knowledge of the property. Which is what you’d expect from, Ernie Malik, the unit publicist for both Narnia films, but it doesn’t come off as publicity laden text. It’s authentic and heart felt.

I would say the one thing I thought was missing from the companion book was a bit more concept art. But that may arise from the fact that this is a sequel film and that much of the film was done using a concept called ‘pre-visualization’.

Cast of Narnia: Prince CaspianMy favorite part of the book was the re-introduction to the four main stars from the first film and the introduction to this films new stars, including Ben Barnes, who plays Prince Caspian. We lose two of the stars after Prince Caspian and you really feel the goodbyes.

Readers will also find out how the screenplay adaptors and storyboard artists brought C.S. Lewis’s story to graphic life, how director Andrew Adamson’s screenplay differs from Lewis’s original story, and secrets of costuming and makeup.

Will “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” become a classic for the ages? That remains to be seen, but it’s official illustrated companion book certainly is.

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

By Ernie Malik
Published by Harper One, 212 pages

Read a special excerpt from the book below the cut:

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Ben Barnes is Prince Caspian

As recently as February 2007 Ben Barnes was your typical struggling actor trying to make his way in London’s theatre district. Then Walt Disney Pictures cast him in the title role of the second film in their Narnia series and Barnes will forever be known… Read More »Ben Barnes is Prince Caspian

New Narnia Prince Caspian Poster

A new poster for the latest movie in the Disney Walden partnership “The Chronicles of Narnia” series has hit the web. This one features Prince Caspian all by himself. None of the other characters from the first film (I’ve included the original poster below the cut for comparison purposes). I wonder how much they’re planning to downplay the original four characters in this movie.

Visit the official Narnia: Prince Capsian website.

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