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Disney Drops Third Narnia Film

Fans of the Narnia films will have to hope some other studio picks up the option to produce and distribute the third Nania film, The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, the Walt Disney Studios has passed on its option to renew the series. Frankly this isn’t surprising after the somewhat soft domestic showing and the weakening economy.

This doesn’t mean that Dawn Treader is dead in the water, another studio could pick up the option and partner with Walden pictures. Who knows what the market will be doing two years from now.

I have to wonder why Disney announced this on Christmas Eve. Trying to bury the story?

(via Narnia Fans and THR)

6 thoughts on “Disney Drops Third Narnia Film”

  1. I’ve enjoyed everything Walden Media has done thus far and believe they are much more enjoyable films then what Disney has been offering at least as far as live-action is concerned. It breaks my heart to say it but if a third Narnia movie does get made it may be that much better without Disney’s input.

  2. I hope Walden somehow negotiated the deal in a way that will allow them to package a box set for home viewing should they make some of the films with another studio.

  3. I agree with rob to a certain extent. Though I do think Disney did not market it correctly this time around (mainly because they all but ignored the original films built in market of evangelicals), i think part of the problem was Andrew Adamson, the director. Both Wardrobe and Caspian are good films, but they both seem to lack a certain sort of energy somehow. Much like the first two Harry Potter Films. They need to bring in someone with some flair to liven up this series or it will completely disappear.

  4. I agree. It could be a good thing. The first two Narnia movies are good, but they lack energy somehow. Kinda like the first two Harry Potter movies. If they get a new director to breathe some life into these, they might work.

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