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DVD Review: The Tempest

As someone who has never had the opportunity to read Shakespeare’s final masterpiece, “The Tempest“, I jumped at the chance to watch and review the modern retelling of it on Blu-Ray. Released this September by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, the film features many big… Read More »DVD Review: The Tempest

Gnomeo and Juliet Trailer Hits

From the studio that brought you Step Up 3D, When in Rome, and Surrogates, comes a movie with a classic tale of two families sworn to hate each other and a love that wouldn’t let their families stand in their way. Touchstone Pictures presents an… Read More »Gnomeo and Juliet Trailer Hits

Disney finally sells Miramax, almost

After a long period of bidding and negotiations, Disney has finally received a non-refundable deposit of $40 million from an investor group that wants to buy Miramax Studios. The final price is $660 million, or about 8 times the original investment from Disney for the… Read More »Disney finally sells Miramax, almost

Disney unloads Miramax for $675 million

Reports from Hollywood are that Disney has sold it’s art house studio Miramax to a consortium of investors for $675 million. had the scoop, although Disney refuses to confirm the report. This ends a long strange chapter for Disney that found the family entertainment… Read More »Disney unloads Miramax for $675 million

Miramax: Disney gives another team a chance

Perhaps what’s most amazing about this is that Disney has multiple bidders for Miramax, and even one who came close to Disney’s asking price. The studio’s primary value is its library, which is diminished by the current state of affairs vis-a-via lax DVD sales. Sequels… Read More »Miramax: Disney gives another team a chance

Weinsteins out of Disney for Miramax

The Weinstein Brothers attempt to reclaim control of the film studio they founded has more ups and downs than the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I’m sure it feels that way for them too. Reuters is reporting that ‘sources familiar with the situation’ (which is… Read More »Weinsteins out of Disney for Miramax

Weinstein’s out of deal for Miramax?

There are many rumors concerning the Weinstein brother’s bid to regain control over the company they started, Miramax. Disney has offered them a chance, and apparently they were able to find some partners with enough financing to secure the rights to the company, but they… Read More »Weinstein’s out of deal for Miramax?

Weinsteins part of Winning Bid For Miramax? Not yet.

The Hollywood Reporter claims to have been given the scoop on the winning bidder for the famed Miramax Studios that Eisner bought to be Disney’s art-house wing. The winners? The team that claims Miramax’s founding brothers among them. Not so fast says Disney. They have… Read More »Weinsteins part of Winning Bid For Miramax? Not yet.