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MGM For Garden Grove’s Theme Park?

As John posted earlier, the City of Garden Grove, California, which is just south of Anaheim, is trying to get a Hollywood studio to participate in a proposed theme park project. Deepa Bharath of the Orange County Register drops in the MGM name in an update article today.

MGM representatives seemed impressed with the city’s proposal and feasibility study, Yoshizaki said. The study identified two sites that could be developed into theme parks – the 100-acre Willowick Golf Course and 30 acres adjacent to the course, and 139 acres adjacent to the Garden Grove (22) Freeway at Harbor.

The study, released in October, says the park could attract 4.6 million people and generate about $350 million a year.

A spokesman for MGM in Los Angeles said Wednesday that his company has no immediate plan for theme parks in Southern California or elsewhere in the country.

Keep reading for my analysis.

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Brit Teen hospitalized after Tower of Terror ride returns home

The British Teenager who was hospitalized in critical condition after collapsing after riding the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at the Disney/MGM Studios in Walt Disney World has returned home. Unfortunately the news is not really that good. She is still in critical condition, but the family wanted to return to the U.K. where she… Read More »Brit Teen hospitalized after Tower of Terror ride returns home

News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

Over at there are two recent posts that make me think we might just see a fourth Indiana Jones film in theatres before 2008. First was a link to story on Ain’t It Cool News that claims to have insider knowledge of George Lucas’ preproduction for the film. They were told to do research… Read More »News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

More Details on Tower of Terror Incident

I am hearing various rumors about the incident at Walt Disney World’s MGM/Disney Studios yesterday, none of which point to this being a problem with the attraction, but I won’t post any of them here as I don’t have confirmation on any of them. The Orlando Sentinel has posted a follow up story, however, with… Read More »More Details on Tower of Terror Incident

MGM Studios: Tower of Terror closed

The Orlando Sentinal is reporting that Disney World’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction today closed for inspection after a British Teen fell ill while riding. Tower of Terror is another high thrill attraction that can produce high g’s for the rider. Although these are vertical g’s which are different from the lateral kind experienced… Read More »MGM Studios: Tower of Terror closed


Happy Fourth of July It’s Independence Day in the ol’ U.S. of A. The Disney Blog is closed in honor of our nation’s birthday. Go enjoy some fireworks, I’ll be at Disney MGM Studios tonight seeing Sorcery in the Sky.  

Breaking Star Tours News…

Coming Soon! reports from "Celebration III" the Star Wars fan convention, that George Lucas has confirmed Star Tours will be getting a new film at Disney/MGM Studios. Don’t know if this will come to Disneyland immediately or not. I guess the next question is will the attraction vehicles be outfitted with new digital projection technology.… Read More »Breaking Star Tours News…