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merchandise update

Merchandise Update: Checking in at Fort Wilderness

The Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground might be the last place you think of booking when planning a Disney vacation. However, it’s one of the oldest resorts at Walt Disney World and full of many of the most unique experiences you can have while immersed… Read More »Merchandise Update: Checking in at Fort Wilderness

Magic Kingdom Merchandise Update

When I’m visiting the World, I do try and keep an eye out for what’s new. But it’s more than just construction and repairs, it’s merchandise too. The last few weeks at the Magic Kingdom has brought out a bunch of great new collectibles and apparel. Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye. I think you’re really going to like my ‘Find of the Week.”

First up is a cute Saint Patrick’s Day outfit on Duffy the Bear. Say what you want about the merchandise team manufactured character, he has a good fashion consultant.

Mickey, on the other hand, while always cute, definitely eeds some fashion help in this un-inspired piece.

A lot more merchandise below the fold, including the ‘find of the week’. Come and see:

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