Disney sells Power Rangers back to Saban

In one hand Disney holds over 5,000 new characters acquired when it purchased Marvel Entertainment, in the other the Power Ranger brand. The power rangers were like the cherry on the top of the sundae that was the Fox Family channel purchase. Sweet, but not… Read More »Disney sells Power Rangers back to Saban

Disney Store unveils Marvel product

Barring a last minute intervention from Dr. Octopus, the merger between the Walt Disney Company and Marvel is now complete. Yes, you can now buy Marvel product at the Disney Store online. (Actually, it really be complete when the Boys toys room at the World… Read More »Disney Store unveils Marvel product

Behind the Kirby Heirs Lawsuit against Disney/Marvel

When the Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment, they acquired a lot more more than just the 5,000 characters in Marvel’s stable, they also found a slate of lawsuits hiding under that  rock. Not only will Disney likely end up suing some of the other… Read More »Behind the Kirby Heirs Lawsuit against Disney/Marvel

Marvel/Disney Sue Kirby Heirs to Quash Claims

The Walt Disney Company, through it’s new subsidiary Marvel Entertainment, has sued the heirs of Marvel artist Jack Kirby to quash their copyright claims to the characters co-created by Kirby while he worked at Marvel. The federal lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan by Marvel Worldwide… Read More »Marvel/Disney Sue Kirby Heirs to Quash Claims

Marvel Acquisition Official

Disney fans, pull on your Spidey Underoos. The following release from Marvel announced that the deal for the Walt Disney Company to purchase Marvel Entertainment is now complete. Deal expected to strengthen Disney’s position as a leading global provider of high-quality branded entertainment and build… Read More »Marvel Acquisition Official

A Foolish view on Marvel and Disney

The Moteley Fool‘s Ric Munarriz has a look at how Disney can spin some gold from its acquisition of Marvel Entertainment. First, understand that the big Marvel names are all spoken for with long term contracts. So Disney won’t be able to get its hands… Read More »A Foolish view on Marvel and Disney

Comic moves by Disney

Two interesting Comic book stories about Disney in the news today. In an article that mostly rehashes previous coverage the AP writes about Disney’s acquisition of the Marvel brand of comics and how any value opportunities will have to come from the marginal characters. Of… Read More »Comic moves by Disney