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Manta, SeaWorld San Diego’s First Double-Launch Coaster Opens

SeaWorld San Diego has officially opened its first double-launch, multi-media roller coaster, Manta! Although it shares the same name as the Orlando coaster it is a very different experience. More of a family friendly coaster, Manta features an exciting 54 ft drop, multiple high-banking twists… Read More »Manta, SeaWorld San Diego’s First Double-Launch Coaster Opens

Manta Cool Facts

There are a long list of reasons to schedule a day at SeaWorld when you’re visiting Central Florida. One of the most recent additions to that list is Manta, a thrilling new roller coaster and aquarium combination. Manta just celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary and… Read More »Manta Cool Facts

SeaWorld’s Manta Roller Coaster turns One!

Congrats to the team at SeaWorld Orlando on a very successful first year for its newest roller coaster – Manta! The SeaWorld team released this short video recapping the VIPs and special visitors who experienced the coaster this year. Oh noes. They must have left… Read More »SeaWorld’s Manta Roller Coaster turns One!

Inside the new Manta Aquarium with SeaWorld’s Curator


Along with the new flying roller coaster Manta comes a huge new aquarium that features hundreds of sea critters from rays (as you would expect) to beautiful dragon fish (a relative of the seahorse). I got the chance to speak to SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquarium Curator Gary Violetta and ask him a few questions.

Violetta is a SeaWorld veteran of more than 24 years. As Curator he is responsible for the health and physical care of the more than 3,000 animals found in the Manta exhibit. He manages aquarium exhibits and attractions and is responsible for the care of all sharks, eels, stingrays, alligators, and fish throughout the park. A former curator of fishes at SeaWorld San Antonio, Violetta began his SeaWorld career in 1977. He is a member of the American Zoo and Aquarium association.


Click below the cut to listen to the embedded MP3 and see a few more photos from the exhibit:

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SeaWorld Manta, That’s How I Roll

Although it’s been in soft openings for a few weeks, Orlando’s newest coaster (and it’s first flying coaster) Manta officially opens tomorrow. Today was press day at SeaWorld Orlando and one of the options was to ride with the ‘Manta Cam’ where you get a… Read More »SeaWorld Manta, That’s How I Roll

New Manta Video from SeaWorld

With soft openings occurring regularly and the official grand opening just 10 days away, it’s time to get excited about Manta, the first flying coaster to hit Central Florida. If you aren’t yet one of the lucky ones to have experienced the attraction, here’s a… Read More »New Manta Video from SeaWorld

Manta Madness at SeaWorld Orlando

This year sees two major new coasters coming to Orlando. SeaWorld is first on the scene with its new Manta ‘Flying’ Roller Coaster. Guests will feel like they’re soaring over Orlando and aquatic life as they zoom around the park’s entrance area.

Thanks to @RealShamu and @Doterati I got the chance to experience the attraction three times tonight. It was a pretty intense experience, especially in the back row, so three times was just about enough. But I think I could have ridden it all night if I stayed in the middle rows (4 or 5).

Here’s a little video of the unique load and unload process that SeaWorld uses for Manta.

The Roller Coaster ‘Manta’ opens officially on May 22nd, but it’s unofficially open as of Noon on May 5th.

Click below the jump cut for some photos from the evening.

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