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lost season 6 episode 10

Lost: Season 6: The Package (Episode 10)

Good morning after, losties! Last night’s episode was so full! Full of characters, full of drama and full of craziness! My main question before we even start is about the title of the episode, “The Package”. In a Sun-Jin-centric episode, I don’t quite get the connection. I mean, I know who the package is…but why name the whole episode that? Hmmmm….let’s start talking, ok?

Present Day. LA. Sun & Jin.

Our favorite couple is finally leaving the airport (sans a kabillion of Mr. Paik’s dollars) and on their way to the hotel. When they check in they ask for two rooms because SHOCKER they are not married. (Hmm…these flashsideways get me so confused. I feel like Juliet’s bomb made an impact on all of time, not just 1977.) Soon, Jin and Sun are talking about whether Jin should deliver the watch without the money to Mr. Paik’s…ahem…co-worker. And suddenly, what do you know, Sun and Jin do love each other! In fact, Sun…uhm…well, she de-robes. OK. SO. Now they are giggling over their tryst and Sun tells Jin the reason she came to LA with him was so they could run away together. She has been saving money in a secret account and they can be free of her father!

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