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Long Beach

Former Disney Property Continues to Struggle

The Queen Mary attraction in Long Beach, California, continues to struggle according to this story in the Long Beach Press-Telegram. In the late 1980s, The Walt Disney Company purchased the company that owned the attraction, which at the time, included the plane built and flown… Read More »Former Disney Property Continues to Struggle

Queen Mary/Long Beach Update

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When Disney bought the Disneyland Hotel in the late 1980s, the Queen Mary attraction in Long Beach, California came along with it.  In 1990, Disney unveiled plans for a theme park and more around the Queen Mary.  Within a few years, Disney dropped plans for Long Beach and pulled out. The Queen Mary attraction has… Read More »Queen Mary/Long Beach Update

Anaheim and Long Beach

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Sarah Tully of the Orange County Register brings us another piece on the ongoing dispute in Anaheim between the tourist businesses and the housing developers over land in the Anaheim Resort District.  This time, SOAR, the pro-tourism group, has offered a report showing that a hotel and retail complex would generate more tax money than… Read More »Anaheim and Long Beach