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What to do on an otherwise quiet Sunday

Why check up on the Lindsay Lohan fan blog, of course. According to The National Enquirer, the ‘Mean Girls’ star’s relentless work schedule, nonstop partying and multiple car crashes have taken a heavy toll on her emotions. Her friends say she is on the road to self destruction. The full National Enquirer story is here.

LLB: Lindsay Hospitalized

First Aaron Carter calls our dear Miss Lohan a trouble maker, then she’s hospitalized for a majorly high fever. Our best wishes to Lindsay for a swift recovery and a quick return to the set of Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Herbie Goes NASCAR

Move over Dale Jr, Dale Jarrett, and Tony Stewart; here comes Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton, and Herbie. Disney is reimagining the wonderful Herbie: The Love Bug movies with a NASCAR twist. This weekend’s NASCAR race in Fontana, CA will have some extra visitors shooting scenes for the upcoming movie. If you or anyone else you… Read More »Herbie Goes NASCAR

Lindsay Lohan Blog V – The Store

You know you’ve made it big as a Disney star when they start to really merchandise you. If you have a teenybopper or preteen then I’m sure you already know about all this stuff. But if you don’t, then here’s a primer.

Lindsay Lohan Blog: Part IV

I know what you’re thinking. Where can I see more pictures of that starlett Lindsay Lohan with her cell phone. Well, wait. I have found the site for you. I’m not sure if this qualifies as disturbing or not.

The Lindsay Lohan Blog

The Teen Choice Awards have proclaimed Lindsay Lohan to be hot stuff. The recently turned 18 year old garnered 4 awards, the most of anyone nominated. In other Lohan News (is there anything else worth talking about?). It looks like freaky flashback time as she is rumored to be engaged ( sorry boys!) to Wilmer… Read More »The Lindsay Lohan Blog

Lindsay Rolls on

There comes a time in the life of every teenage girl who works for the Disney Corp. when that girl realizes she has suddenly — how shall we phrase this? — “broadened her appeal.” For Annette Funicello, back on the original Mickey Mouse Club, that… Read More »Lindsay Rolls on