I have read a rumor that Miss Lindsay will be appearing in Mission Impossible: III with Sir Cruise. We do know she is filming Prairie Home Companion when taking breaks from celebrating her birthday. Finally, her Dad blames himself for her weightloss. But her fans don't care and just want to Feed Lindsay. Maybe there
The movie premiere looked like fun. No celebrities were sprayed in the face with water. And reviews are trickling in. Will Lindsay Lohan and Herbie, the lovable bug himself, be able to pull in viewers during this downward trend at the box office? Maybe NASCAR Nation will turn out to see their favorite drivers on
Disney's record on remakes is hit and miss. That Darn Cat, (miss -- except for the performance of Christina Ricci); Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan (hit); Freaky Friday (miss and hit depending on what version you're watching); Herbie (it remains to be seen). So it is with equal parts dread and anticipation that I am
Disney hot property, Lindsay Lohan, may have been tired, but you should expect as much from the teenage vixen. She's working on a movie, broke up with her boyfriend, and recorded an album. I haven't heard it yet, but I have liked her song from Princess Diaries II. The album will be released next week,