I've been watching the Ovitz payout shareholder lawsuit with only mild curiosity. I know it holds big importance in the future of board governance for all corporations, I know that a few juicy gossipy details have emerged, but it's not going to result in any significant change in the way the Walt Disney Company is
The story's inciting incident is a flurry of short-sighted, foolish lawsuits against the much-needed superheroes for unintended property damage and unwanted saves, among others. John Edwards may well laugh along with the rest of the audience during this part of the movie, but perhaps he and his former colleagues on the bar should think about
The Incredibles, a reviewTheatrical Release: November 5, 2004 / Running Time: 115 Minutes / Rating: PG Pixar has been batting 1000 with their animated feature films until now. Without being formulaic, the creative minds in Emeryville have managed to hit upon the recipe for fantastic success with each new release. The Incredibles is the least
The stockholder lawsuit against Disney regarding Michael Ovitz's huge severance package moves closer to its opening date. The suit threatens to expose much of Eisner's inner workings and bad business decisions he made at the time. But beyond that, it could open the door for future suits against Disney and other large companies whose executive