lake buena vista



Facebook has released the top places honeymooning couples check into. Like others celebrating a big event, newlyweds share the moment on Facebook and then check in at their honeymoon destination of choice. Facebook crunched the numbers and then compiled the top honeymoon places for couples who married in 2014. Lake Buena Vista (aka Walt Disney World) clicks in at number 10.

Walt Disney World offers an enchanting playground for honeymooners with its fun-filled theme parks, world-class dining and Broadway-style entertainment. Frankly, I’m a little surprised it isn’t higher on the list.

The complete list of top destinations in the US for honeymooners is below the jump:


Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney is in the middle of transforming into a larger complex to be called Disney Springs. The first area to open will be called “The Landing” and that’s where the majority of construction is taking place right now. However there are lots of other projects in and around the site.

The first of two parking garages is getting closer to being finished with some decoration going up on one side and access ramps appearing and the first signs of the off ramp from the I-4 Freeway also appearing. There’s also a lot of construction on the roads leading into and out of the area too.

Here’s the latest video with a look around the shopping and dining area construction

For those who can’t watch video, there is a huge gallery of photos below the jump: