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  • Meet the residents of Disney’s Zootopia

    The wild cast of characters that inhabit Zootopia, the modern mammal metropolis that is a character in its own right in Disney animations next bit hit, each come with their own unique attributes. As you prepare for your viewing of Zootopia this weekend, here’s a helpful guide as to who…

  • Zootopia – Meeting the team in person

    With a movie based on the animal kingdom, it made sense for Disney to host the promotional tour for Zootopia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. That meant we Orlando locals also got an invite to sit at the table and share a few moments with the films production team and stars….

  • Celebrity Spotting: Jason Bateman at Walt Disney World

    Jason Bateman is one of those actors who people used to say ‘what happenend to that guy,’ but as it turns out, he was there all along. Doing journeyman parts in a steady stream of TV shows and movies until his parts in Hancock and Arrested Development brought his work…

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