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Cancellations Coming in…

For Hurricane Charley the Disney Themeparks missed the brunt of the storm’s force. Still Animal Kingdom was closed for nearly two days, Typhoon Lagoon was closed for five days, some golf courses took much longer to fix, and the other parks closed early before the storm arrived. Now we’re beginning to hear of cancellations for… Read More »Cancellations Coming in…

Small Tourist Destinations to be hit hard

To Disney World a single hurricane is just a blip on the radar screen. A little downturn in the attenandce that is planned for. Two hurricanes in a month is just a little tougher to budget for, but no big deal financially. However, if you’re a mom and pop operation, a small business, or even… Read More »Small Tourist Destinations to be hit hard

Frances Fury Forces Changes

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks and I’m already talking again about how a Hurricane will affect Disney Property, its employees and guests, and the people who live in the area. Last year when they warned it would be a tough hurricane system, the results only fizzled. This year they warned it could… Read More »Frances Fury Forces Changes

Frances Focuses on Florida

In a state where much of the central region is still recovering from Hurricane Charley of just 3 weeks ago, a new threat is on the horizon. Hurricane Frances packs windspeeds of 140 MPH or more and is the size of the monster storm Floyd from a few years ago. Forecasts this far out can’t… Read More »Frances Focuses on Florida

Fascinating tale of Charley

The ABC weatherman said the storm would hit WDW with full force at 8:16 pm. 8:10 pm: The storm hit us with full force. The ABC guy was only off by 6 minutes! Yet another fascinating tale of living through the wrath of Hurricane Charley. This time from one of’s WDW experts. [After Charley]… Read More »Fascinating tale of Charley

Water Water Everywhere

WDWMagic reports that Disney World’s Electrical Water Pageant is back up and running after repairs were made to the floats damaged by Hurricane Charley. The water parade was not scheduled to be up and running until the end of August, so it looks like repairs were completed quicker than the original estimates. Good for Disney.

Disney Recovers Nicely, Thank you.

Rebekah, one half of the amazing duo that runs, has posted two stories concerning her experiences with Hurricane Charley. First, a blow by blow account of what it’s like to prepare for and then endure one’s first hurricane. Second, a photo essay of WDW 2 days after Charley’s wrath. The photo essay includes some… Read More »Disney Recovers Nicely, Thank you.