Sarah Tully of the Orange County Register brings us another piece on the ongoing dispute in Anaheim between the tourist businesses and the housing developers over land in the Anaheim Resort District.  This time, SOAR, the pro-tourism group, has offered a report showing that a hotel and retail complex would generate more tax money than
The Motley Fool's Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes about the possibility of Disney getting back into community-building.There are several rival timeshare operators in the area, but most of the development taking place in the outskirts of Disney's turf is for local residential property and vacation homes. Stubborn mortgage rates, high construction costs, and a glut of
It has to do with Disney's opposition to the proposed permanent housing in the Anaheim Resort district. Details after the jump (I get a little political again). I wrote before on this issue.  Disney is suing to block Anaheim approval of permanent housing in the Anaheim Resort district. I just got a call from someone