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Decision in Ovitz case expected tomorrow

A verdict in the shareholder lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company, its board of directors, and Michael Ovitz (ex-uber agent and ignored visionairy) is expected tomorrow. In an earlier post it was hypothisized that the shareholders would lose due to Delaware’s lax laws of corporate governence. According to a story at CBS Marketwatch: Law professors… Read More »Decision in Ovitz case expected tomorrow

Mouse says, “CGI Animators Wanted”

After reports from SIGGRAPH 2005 Jim Hill ponders over the relationship between Disney and Pixar; their booths being set up so close in distance, but in direct competition with each other too. Also noted was the full court press Disney has on for hiring talented CGI Animators (possibly even stealing some away from Pixar). If… Read More »Mouse says, “CGI Animators Wanted”

Ovitz Case… prognosticating the results

Larry E. Ribstein, who plays a law professor in real life, breaks down the Ovitz shareholder lawsuit and posts what he sees as the likely result and why it is such an important case in corporate law. First, … this case straddles several recent eras of corporate history.  It has moved from the pre-Enron era,… Read More »Ovitz Case… prognosticating the results

Computer Animator? Disney’s hiring

Embarked on a course that leaves traditional hand drawn animation to the film vaults, and most of its former animators on the streets, the Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios finds itself short staffed when it comes to talented Computer Animators. In fact, their recent seminar at SIGGRAPH doubled as a recruiting session. So if you… Read More »Computer Animator? Disney’s hiring

Wow! What a trip it’s been

I’m back. Did you miss me? We took a few days longer getting across country than I had planned. Then to top it all off some of our house had to be loaded on a second truck and that truck was delayed by bad weather. But now my computer’s various parts are all assembled together… Read More »Wow! What a trip it’s been

Disney’s Part-Time Future

The Orlando Sentinel has an indepth look at Disney World’s trend away from hiring Full-Time Employees.  It saves the company money on OT pay, health care costs and other benefits. But will it cost the company in the long run as the quality of its workers could be affected by turnover and lack of commitment… Read More »Disney’s Part-Time Future

Ovitz suit may have reaching impact

The stockholder lawsuit against Disney regarding Michael Ovitz’s huge severance package moves closer to its opening date. The suit threatens to expose much of Eisner’s inner workings and bad business decisions he made at the time. But beyond that, it could open the door for future suits against Disney and other large companies whose executive… Read More »Ovitz suit may have reaching impact