G-Force DVD Trailer and Extras

If you missed Disney’s G-Force in theaters I can understand. It’s not exactly a film in the classic Disney mold. But it does have heart and a plot that actually drives a story line. Eventually you’ll get over the idea that the main characters are computer animated because they really do fit seamlessly into the world. Just think, if Walt had had this technology in the 40s, he wouldn’t have had to drive actual lemmings off the cliff.


Bloopers and more below the cut:

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Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!

The NY Times has a terrific article about Mark Walton, the Disney Animator and general pop culture nerd, whose ‘scratch’ track for Rhino, the wheel bound Hamster from BOLT!, became the breakout character of the movie. A couple months ago, though, the co-directors asked Mr.… Read More »Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!

BOLT!: Official Website has Launched

This November 21st Bolt, Mittens, Rhino, Penny will lead audiences on an adventure of a lifetime. BOLT follows the adventures of the canine television star BOLT who believes that TV based super-powers are actually real as he attempts to find his way across America back to his co-star and friend, Penny. Along the way a cat named Mittens and a hamster named Rhino become his companions and then friends.

So yeah, the cross country pet adventure genre has been done a number of times. But from what I’ve heard Walt Disney Animation Studios has put some real heart into this tale. Look for some of the tale-tale signs of Pixar’s story and characterization depth as this is the first film John Lasseter and crew have had influence over from before the first frame was drawn.

If you’re as excited about the film as I am, you’ll be happy to hear that the official website is now open to explore. Plenty of videos, photos, downloads, and games to enjoy too.

Below the cut I’ve included a short preview video with John Travolta and Miley Cyrus that includes a clip from the movie:

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