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“Geek Charming” Leads Slate of new Disney Channel Original Movies


11/11/11 was the premiere of the new DCOM (If you aren’t a big Disney Channel watcher, it stands for Disney Channel Original Movie) Geek Charming, based on the book of the same name by author Robin Palmer. Here is the set up, a geeky movie maker, Josh (played by Matt Prokop, star of High School Musical 3) enters a film festival will the idea of a movie about the life of the most spoiled, popular girl in school, Dylan (Played by Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family). Throughout the movie, the two’s relationship becomes closer and closer as Dylan begins to show a side of her that no one else has seen before.

In my personal opinion, this might have been my favorite DCOM to date (that is not a musical). It really had everything going for it. Not only was Sarah hilarious in this movie, but the chemistry between the two was great. The message was good for kids and teens as well. You don’t have to be popular to have friends, and vice versa, you shouldn’t have “friends” just to become popular. Popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and this movie does a great job of explaining to kids just that.


  1. Saying an occasional few words in French is SOOOOO in right now!
  2. Dylan has an “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Sundae” (Reference to Beaches and Cream perhaps?) but she DOES NOT include a whole can of whipped cream…at least she doesn’t say so!
  3. Film geeks have a thing for Flight of the Navigator…think of it as their Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the throwing of toast and toilet paper…
  4. “Sequels are never as good as the first, everybody knows that.” Truer words have never been spoken Sarah!
  5. According to Dylan, parting your hair is back in style…who knew!

Well, that’s it for Geek Charming; I would give it a solid 4.5 mentions of the word diva out of 5. Great family movie…at least I think so. Be the judge yourself! Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the film and what your scoring of the film is…be creative!

Before I go, I just want to leave you with a quick Disney Channel Schedule for new specials and shows!

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