Garden Grove

Deepa Bharath of the Orange County Register gives us an update on plans for a theme park south of the Disneyland Resort, in the City of Garden Grove, California.The search for theme park investors and developers is continuing after city officials broke off a contract with a developer because they were not satisfied with his
As John posted earlier, the City of Garden Grove, California, which is just south of Anaheim, is trying to get a Hollywood studio to participate in a proposed theme park project. Deepa Bharath of the Orange County Register drops in the MGM name in an update article today.MGM representatives seemed impressed with the city's proposal
Unable to get permission to build a casino near Disneyland and unable to attract a themepark or entertainment center developer, now Garden Grove wants to zone Harbor Blvd to be the worlds largest tourist trap. (As opposed to the world's largest mouse trap just down the street.) Oy.
No worries about Garden Grove building that Casino. Orange County's board has nixed the idea. Council members said Tuesday that a casino would not fit into the city's family oriented vision and would face strong community opposition. "It is very clear to me that there is widespread opposition to gambling in Orange County," Councilman Mark