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Futuristic Toys of Tomorrowland 1958

This page from a 1958 catalog of Disneyland souvenirs features such cool futuristic toys as your own Space Helmet, a model of Space Station S-1, and the famous Disneyland Moonliner Rocket. Check out the prices too. Just $1.00 for that Moonliner or $8.95 for the… Read More »Futuristic Toys of Tomorrowland 1958

Borrowing From EPCOT and Celebration in Colorado

Chryss Cada writes in The Denver Post about a project being planned for Fort Collins, Colorado that clearly inspired by Disney. With seed money of about $30 million, developer Lloyd Goff and his investment partners hope to transform 50 city blocks on the north side of town into a $1 billion research campus similar to… Read More »Borrowing From EPCOT and Celebration in Colorado