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Disney Trends Away from Stage Musicals on Film

I’m still a huge fan of the Neo-Golden Age musical films (The Little Mermaid up through, oh, Mulan — I don’t include Tarzan in the group, because it marked the end of the era, being the first in the series to completely lack character songs) (and while I like some of the later endeavors —… Read More »Disney Trends Away from Stage Musicals on Film

J.K. Rowling, the anti-Disney?

Perry at Samizdata ponders about the constitution of children and why they’re often treated with kid gloves by Disney while J.K. Rowling appears happy to kill one off everynow and then. To this I say Rubbish. More Disney films feature the loss of one or both parents then I care to count. If the parent… Read More »J.K. Rowling, the anti-Disney?

Cartoon Brew Stirs up a storm

If you’re not reading Cartoon Brew you’re missing out on the best information on the animation industry in the blogosphere. Just the last few days he’s had three amazing scoops. First, he links to this article that links Miramax Films, Dimension Films (two sides of the same coin really and part of the Disney empire)… Read More »Cartoon Brew Stirs up a storm

Disney and Pixar Splitsville?

We may never see Disney and Pixar teamed up to develop, create, and distribute great films. Even Bob Iger says so now. And that’s getting all the news coverage. What is left out is that Pixar and Disney might still come to some sort of partnership regarding aspects other than distribution. Disney’s staff has been… Read More »Disney and Pixar Splitsville?

The Incredibles Blog

Make way for The Incredibles, the next animated feature from Pixar. The buzz is building to a frenzied pace and the pic isn’t even opening until November 5th. The Orlando Sentinel piles on with a story about the buzz and the films skew toward adult topics.

The Miramax Diet

Forced to make budget cuts with the end of the year a ways off and no new films in production, Miramax cuts 13% of its staff. The decision as to the Weinstein brothers future with the company and with Disney remains clouded. But the stock level is not, Disney’s stock sunk to near $20 on… Read More »The Miramax Diet

Overdue charges at the Film Library

This article in USAToday nicely sums up why Disney and Pixar are likely to hook up again. Also covered is a similar situation with Miramax. Yes, having the talent to produce good films is important. But almost as important is control of the film library. Disney makes huge profits every year with spinoffs, sequels, and… Read More »Overdue charges at the Film Library