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Cartoon Brew Stirs up a storm

If you’re not reading Cartoon Brew you’re missing out on the best information on the animation industry in the blogosphere. Just the last few days he’s had three amazing scoops.

First, he links to this article that links Miramax Films, Dimension Films (two sides of the same coin really and part of the Disney empire) to Wild Brain, Inc a CGI animation studio. Looks like some direct-to-video CGI animation will be coming down the pipeline shortly. Apparently the first film is based on your favorite cartoon Pengiun and mine, Opus originally from “Bloom County,” created by Berkeley Breathed. (Okay, I just don’t see a Chilly Willy feature length pic coming anytime soon, sorry to get your hopes up.)

Jerry also made it to the Disney Memorial for Frank Thomas held at the El Capitan Theatre.

Finally he points to a story in Sunday’s New York Times on John Canemaker’s story regarding The Incredibles and the animation of the human form in CGI.