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McFarland New Posters and Clip


We’re just one day away from the opening of “McFarland, USA” the first film of 2015 to really win your heart. Based on a true story of a Central Valley California town and a coach that sees potential in the legs, hearts and minds of the agricultural workers who are also students at his school.

Disney just shared this extended clip from the film. It comes at a moment when Coach Jim White needs to motivate his team of long distance runners for a big race.

If you aren’t already planning to see it, listen to what others are saying about it online, I think you’ll change your mind.

Disney has also commissioned acclaimed artist Fernando Reza to make a series of posters for McFarland, USA. See the whole collection below:

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Million Dollar Arm, a Disney Sports Film That Delivers Exactly What You’d Expect


John Hamm stars in “Million Dollar Arm,” the latest Disney feel-good sports genre movie. It delivers everything that you would expect from such a film and a few extras. It is based on a true story, which always adds a little extra in the inspirational column.

Hamm, plays JB Bernstein, a sports agent prone to rushing around Los Angeles in his Porsche. You meet him at a cross-roads in his career. He’s trying to save his agency, but can’t get an important deal to close. So he decides to come up with an out of the box idea — find undiscovered talent on the Cricket fields of India.

That’s where the million dollars come in. JB will organize a contest for Cricket Bowlers with the winner earning a chance at $1 Million and an MLB contract. The movie then jumps to India where we are served some fun jokes with a side of travel montage. Eventually the winners are spotted and the whole kaboodle moves to America.

Once in America, the relationships of the main characters become more involved and twist around in slightly unexpected ways, but not too unexpected. Read More »Million Dollar Arm, a Disney Sports Film That Delivers Exactly What You’d Expect