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Disneyland’s New Enchanted Main Street Windows

Since the early 1960’s window shopping at Disneyland’s Emporium on Main Street USA has been made extra magical by the animated feature themed dioramas in the windows. The park will be upgrading those displays with special animated ‘enchanted’ displays for the park’s 60th anniversary. The… Read More »Disneyland’s New Enchanted Main Street Windows

Merchandise Update – Hats, Tees, and Ears to You

Due to popular demand, I’m back with another photo update featuring some of the latest merchandise to hit the shelves at Walt Disney World. In addition to all the great new items, I’ve also noticed that the emporium style stores are really working on organization and flow. There are fewer big displays blocking views across the store and a lot more signage to help guests find exactly what they’re looking for. Great job there.

Alright then, on with the show!

New Year’s Eve merch is starting to show up.

A terrific pair of Mickey Mouse Ears for New Year’s Eve.

Plenty more below the jump, come along:

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