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Is Blu-ray Victory Too Late?

Blu-ray’s victory in getting Warner Brothers to drop the HD-DVD may not be enough to fend off obsolescence.  As Dawn C. Chmielewski reports in the Los Angeles Times, downloads, cable, and satellite delivery of HD movies might make the whole HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray battle moot anyway. But sales of these next-generation discs fell short of… Read More »Is Blu-ray Victory Too Late?

Disney Does Well through iTunes, But…

Chuck Salter of takes an extensive look at the results of Disney/ABC’s deal with Apple’s iTunes, and Disney’s post-Eisner doings in general. Breaking ground on iTunes was a risky strategy, one that could have alienated advertisers and local affiliates. "It wasn’t something you expected Disney to be the first to do, given its historically… Read More »Disney Does Well through iTunes, But…

Disney Afternoon Soundtrack bling

I wasted many a study session watching the Disney Afternoon back at the college dorm. That was a really great time for Disney television, certainly the greatest since the prime of the Mickey Mouse club and the Disneyland show. I’m not alone apparently, here Steve downloads a copy off alt.binaries.* and reminisces. Of course, if… Read More »Disney Afternoon Soundtrack bling