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DJ Steve Porter Composes Walt Disney World Video

Digital artist, producer, and DJ Steve Porter was commissioned by Walt Disney World to produce one of his mash-up videos for the resort. I’m not a fan of auto-tune myself, but I do appreciate that something like this takes a lot of effort to pull… Read More »DJ Steve Porter Composes Walt Disney World Video

Radio Disney at 15

Radio Disney is now old enough that the kids who were listening at the beginning now have kids of their own. That’s some great longevity for a network that Disney was once willing to practically give away.

Here’s Selena Gomez wishing Radio Disney a happy 15th.

I remember when they had actual radio Disney DJs inside a booth in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. I thought that was a great partnership (although the location sucked) and wonder why Disney hasn’t done more with Radio Disney at the parks.

To honor it’s 15 years of Radio Disney hits, Walt Disney Records is releasing Radio Disney Jams 15th B-Day Edition, a 15-track collection of pop superstars, featuring Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Jesse McCartney, Willow Smith, Hilary Duff, Allstar Weekend and more. This latest edition of the quadruple-platinum-selling Radio Disney Jams series is now available (iTunes).

From its inception in 1996, kid-driven and mom-approved Radio Disney has not only played hit songs, but also established superstars within the Disney family and beyond. This sensational new collection represents Radio Disney’s past and present, featuring industry legends as well as up-and-coming young artists.

Tracks on Radio Disney Jams 15th B-Day Edition include:

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