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Disneyland Park

2009 Disneyland Resort Ambassadors Announced

That’s right – the tradition continued with an announcement of two Disneyland Resort Ambassadors today. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle Forecourt

Sleeping Beauty Castle Forecourt

Click through if you care to see a bunch of pictures and read a little about today’s ceremony and the Ambassadors.Read More »2009 Disneyland Resort Ambassadors Announced

Shameless Plug: My Latest Column Now Online

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The latest edition of my Kenversations(TM) column was posted today at In this column, I lament the closure of the Disney Gallery by sharing my Disney Gallery memories from the past 20 years.

Disneyland Submarines, Past and Present

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My wife and I, enjoying her 9th month of pregnancy, dropped in to Disneyland Park to ride the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.  It is a decent attraction and I think it will be a hit, especially with the kids.  It’s nice to have the subs back, along with an experience that isn’t essentially duplicated at… Read More »Disneyland Submarines, Past and Present

Shameless Plug – New Kenversations(TM) Column Posted

Yes, it’s shameless plug time. The latest edition of Kenversations(TM) was posted today at It’s all about the crossroads were now facing in Anaheim between "giving up" on the Anaheim Resort or upgrading the Anaheim Resort.

How Does That Stuff Get Into the Windows at Disneyland?

Barbara Giasone at the Orange County Register tells us about the work of Shawna Tice-Miles, who designs Disneyland window displays: Boys tend to be attracted to weaponry at Halloween, while girls find costumes and characters appealing. These props will be used to emphasize the newest promotion, Disney’s HalloweenTime, in which the theme park will take… Read More »How Does That Stuff Get Into the Windows at Disneyland?

Southern California Theme Parks Love Halloween

Kimi Yoshino of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at the Halloween-themed events at the Los Angeles/Orange County theme parks: At Knott’s, Universal and Six Flags Magic Mountain, the nighttime events are billed as super-scary, with park employees in macabre costumes doing their best to frighten visitors. Six Flags and Knott’s also have more… Read More »Southern California Theme Parks Love Halloween

Disneyland Matterhorn as Architecture

Christopher Reynolds of the Los Angeles Times asks if the Disneyland Matterhorn could be Orange County, California’s defining structure. It’s actually a story related to the opening of a new concert hall. Sydney has its Opera House. San Francisco has its bridge and Transamerica pyramid, St. Louis its arch, Seattle its needle. New York had… Read More »Disneyland Matterhorn as Architecture

Silent Protest

How do I love thee Disneyland, let me count the ways. I love that you were a part of my youth that can never be taken away. I love that you still provide someplace to retreat to when I need a break from the outside… Read More »Silent Protest