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Tr2n Trailer refound

Found another copy of the TR2N teaser trailer. It’s back up on the original post until the lawyers request that copy be removed too. It’s really not fair for Disney to show the trailer to an open event and not expect others to want to… Read More »Tr2n Trailer refound

Remy Animatronic from Ratatouille

Speaking of wacky YouTube finds, I located a Guest Relations video and Kevin Yee has found this short video of an animatronic (or is it a puppet?) version of Remy the Rat from Pixar’s Ratatouille. He’s “lifesize” and apparently being used to get guests to… Read More »Remy Animatronic from Ratatouille

American Idol and Idol Winner David Cook coming to Walt Disney World

We previously covered the announcement that American Idol would open as a new attraction at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. Disney has now revealed a website to promote the “American Idol Experience”. View it at DisneyWorld.com/idol.

Also you can catch American Idol winner David Cook’s “I’m Going To Walt Disney World” commercial on the site. Congrats to DC and I look forward to seeing him when he makes it to Orlando.

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