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YouTuber AlphaCat visits Disney World for the first time

You’ve heard of Grumpy Cat? Well YouTuber AlphaCat is nothing like that. He’s known for his online viral videos and a near perfect impression of President Barack Obama. AlphaCat brings his positive attitude and millions of video viewers along for a #DisneySide ride through his… Read More »YouTuber AlphaCat visits Disney World for the first time

YouTube artist Sam Macaroni’s Disney Side is on Display


A few weeks ago Walt Disney World invited a core group of YouTubers down to Orlando for the Disney Side Creator Conference. Participants were allowed to visit the parks to experience some of the magic and make a few videos that really show their Disney Side. The first of those videos has just been released and it features Sam Macaroni.

Here’s Sam Macaroni’s ‘dream’ Magic Kingdom visit:

For those not familiar with Sam Macaroni’s Youtube channel, he’s known for his use of special effects to upgrade movies to fit his own fun style, usually inserting himself into the story in some way.

His most popular video so far is a re-imagining of Star Wars with a ‘Disney’ twist. Check it out below
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Amazing Pumpkin Carving at Disneyland for Halloween


Pumpkin carvers use the tools of a sculptor to bring an extra dimension of magic to the traditional Jack-o-Lantern carving. This year Disneyland has a pumpkin carver doing their thing every day at the Halloween Carnival in Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. Check out some of their work:

Disney Channel star Olivia Holt (“I Didn’t Do It”) teams with one of Disneyland’s pumpkin carvers at the Big Thunder Ranch to deliver some tips for carving your own perfect Disney themed jack-o-lantern at home.

Oh yeah, there’s a pretty cool contest at Upload your own Disney Side pumpkin for a private party at the Haunted Mansion and a stay in Cinderella Castle Suite:

Follow us below the jump for a collection of jack-o-lanterns carved at the Halloween Festival at Disneyland.

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Grumpy Cat Spoils Every Disney Movie

Grumpy Cat, queen of the internet memes, has been frequently used as part of the Disney Parks #DisneySide promotions and helped open Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. There are even rumors that she has her claws sunk into a Hollywood script.

Before Hollywood comes calling, perhaps they want to look at how Grumpy Cat has ruined every Disney movie she’s already been in. Artist Eric Procter has imagined these scenarios over on his DeviantArt page.


More great moments below the jump:

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