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Disney shareholders

Disney Shareholder Meeting to be Webcast Today

I have a couple friends who make an annual pilgrimage to the Disney shareholder meeting. They used to hold them all close to the theme parks, but for the last decade or so, they’ve been rotating them to various locations around the nation. For 2013,… Read More »Disney Shareholder Meeting to be Webcast Today

Recapping the Annual Meeting

In case you haven’t done it yet, you can catch up on what happened at the annual Walt Disney Company shareholder meeting here, here, here, and here. Becasue Disney is a company that presents its products as “magical”, has a rabid fan base, was traditionally… Read More »Recapping the Annual Meeting

Bob Iger Interview on CNN

CNN has a transcript online of an interview with Bob Iger (President & CEO of The Walt Disney Company, in case you are new around here), who was interviewed by Andrew Stevens: Stevens: Michael Eisner was at Disney for 21 years, you were his number two for five years, how important was it for you… Read More »Bob Iger Interview on CNN