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High School Musical, the making of the phenomenon

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The Newsweek article looking at the hit crazy that High School Musical has become has been posted to MSNBC.

Six months after its premiere, "High School Musical" rolls on, a
singing and dancing juggernaut. Almost 37 million viewers have watched
the $4.2 million production at least once since its first airing, and
the musical—a pop confection that makes "Grease" look like "Rebel
Without a Cause"—surged back into the spotlight this month, grabbing
six Emmy nominations. The soundtrack, a top-10 hit since its January
release, is the year’s biggest-selling CD, at 2.7 million copies. After
five weeks, the DVD has sold an eye-popping 2.1 million copies.

The DVD is still ranked #20 at Amazon and continues to do well on iTunes. High School Musical has a sequel in production and there’s word that High Schools will be able to license the rights to host their own version of the show as a stage musical. That should have record setting numbers at auditions around the country and might usher in a resurgance in interest in Broadway musicals. A good thing in my book. (Btw, you can now buy the piano score and music sheets for the songs so you can learn how to play or sing them)


Btw, the story leaked the plot for HSM-2, it’s a spoiler, so I’ve put it below the cut.

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