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High School Musical, the making of the phenomenon

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The Newsweek article looking at the hit crazy that High School Musical has become has been posted to MSNBC.

Six months after its premiere, "High School Musical" rolls on, a
singing and dancing juggernaut. Almost 37 million viewers have watched
the $4.2 million production at least once since its first airing, and
the musical—a pop confection that makes "Grease" look like "Rebel
Without a Cause"—surged back into the spotlight this month, grabbing
six Emmy nominations. The soundtrack, a top-10 hit since its January
release, is the year’s biggest-selling CD, at 2.7 million copies. After
five weeks, the DVD has sold an eye-popping 2.1 million copies.

The DVD is still ranked #20 at Amazon and continues to do well on iTunes. High School Musical has a sequel in production and there’s word that High Schools will be able to license the rights to host their own version of the show as a stage musical. That should have record setting numbers at auditions around the country and might usher in a resurgance in interest in Broadway musicals. A good thing in my book. (Btw, you can now buy the piano score and music sheets for the songs so you can learn how to play or sing them)


Btw, the story leaked the plot for HSM-2, it’s a spoiler, so I’ve put it below the cut.

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They’ll all return in full feuding
form next summer for the sequel. East High is on summer hiatus, so the
battleground shifts to the country club, founded by (who else?)
Sharpay’s granddad. Troy, Gabriella and the others show up as
lifeguards, waiters and caddies. And the haves and the have-nots tee
off in the club’s annual midsummer night’s musical. There’ll be plenty
of drama: this time around, Ryan may turn on his sis.

What do you think? Caddyshack the musical?

7 thoughts on “High School Musical, the making of the phenomenon”

  1. I think that this shows, once again, how starved the country is for family entertainment. Hollywood churns out so much trash, but when Disney comes along and makes a relatively inexpensive–though highly polished–family production, people devour it. I know my family has. My daughter prattled on for weeks about it–we got her the DVD which she watches often, and I downloaded the soundtrack from itunes which she listens to endlessly.

  2. David (not Zac's Dad) Efron

    Dear Zac, I’m pleased for you for your success but I have the misfortune of having the same name as your Dad. I also live in California, and the town where I live (Alameda – across the bay from San Francisco) is one no one outside of Northern California ever heard of.

    Therefore, enterprising teen and pre-teen fans find my phone number via the internet and call for you at all hours of the day and night – seriously! One call was from Buffalo at 4:45 AM recently – the young girl never thought about the 3 hour time differential.

    Although my outgoing answering message says that Zac doesn’t live here and I have no idea how you can be reached it doesn’t stop them from calling back 2 or 3 times!

    Of course both you and your family have unlisted phone numbers as a right of privacy and I hope that the wiser young fans realize this before they pick up the phone and harass people who just happen to have your (uncommon) last name.

    BTW, my 7 year old granddaughter bought a copy of HSM with her own money and not because of the same last name…it seems the buzz has reached the pre-pre-teen level.

    the other David (not Zac’s Dad) Efron

  3. I’m 31, and I’ll confess to getting caught up in the craze. I finally rented it last month and immediately fell in love. Watched it twice in one night, then bought it and the soundtrack. It’s fun and the music is very catchy.

    Heck, I watched it again when it was on TV last night, then put the soundtrack in my car.

    I don’t know if I can wait a year for the sequel. I’m not know for my patience. :)

  4. I will like Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu Ashley Tisdale and Lucas To Do HIgh School Musical in my school, Invicta Grammar School Which is in England

  5. I’m 11 years old and really like musics.
    When i watch this movie it felt like it makes me sings for an audience like Vanessa an Zac and felt like it’s my time to shine now. I just wanna say that i enjoy movie and i keep watching it!

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