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Disney Cruise Line industry innovations

When Disney got into the cruise line business, it didn’t want to be just another cruise. It had to have the Disney difference. Starting with the Disney Magic through the Disney Fantasy and improved upon with many ship updates over the years, the Disney Cruise… Read More »Disney Cruise Line industry innovations

Disney Cruise Line rated top Travel Brand of the Year in Harris Poll

The Harris Poll issues a yearly report tracking which travel service brands rank as the most brand equity for their respective industries. Over 78 travel brands are evaluated for traits such as customer service and loyalty as well as familiarity and quality. “Disney benefits from… Read More »Disney Cruise Line rated top Travel Brand of the Year in Harris Poll

Disney Cruise Line adds Alaska with expansion

The Disney Cruise Line has a problem. They have a lot of loyal repeat customers, but their offerings are thin when it comes to different ports of call. This will be solved in 2011 when the Disney Dream arrives in Florida to bring the fleet up to three ships. That will free Disney to move one ship, the Disney Wonder, to the west coast, and the other, the Disney Magic, to Europe.


The Wonder’s visit to Alaska is a first for Disney and the ship will require a few upgrades to handle the different weather. But it will also offer some expansive views and new excursions to explore. I predict this will be quite popular.


The Mediterranean itineraries the Disney Cruise line did during their previous trip to Europe were also a big hit. It should be even better now that they have some experience under their belt.

More info on what each new destination will involve below the jump:

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Disney Cruise Lines to open London Office

Looks like the Disney Cruise Line is preparing for the expansion of its fleet. They’re opening a London office that will staff about 20 cast members, including some relocated from Central Florida. Spokeswoman Christi Erwin Donnan said Disney Cruise Line is hoping to increase its… Read More »Disney Cruise Lines to open London Office