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Finding Tiny Kline

Friends of ours were visiting Sarasota, FL this week and the Frost family took off a few days to head down to the beach and help entertain them. The beaches of Longboat Key, Lido Key, and Siesta Key (all adjacent to Sarasota) are some of… Read More »Finding Tiny Kline

Circus Circus (Pushing Daisies 2.2)

Is there anything creepier than a circus? As fun and exciting as they are, they also have this automatic freak-out factor. That’s what made it a perfect setting for tonight’s Pushing Daisies episode. I have to admit, I kinda like mimes and clowns, so to me this episode was hilarious.

Now, onto the Pie Hole!

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Rare 1955 Disneyland Color Footage of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus

This is a great find. This ultra rare color film from the early days of Disneyland is the first time I can recall seeing such great shots of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus. The circus is the exception that proves the genius of Walt Disney. Opening around Thanksgiving of 1955, the MMCC featured Mickey Mouse… Read More »Rare 1955 Disneyland Color Footage of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus

Some Weekend Reading

Just added a few trip reports to the list on the right. Three Kid Circus, a good parenting blog, is a hillarious recounting of one family’s Disneyland vacation. Start at this point and read the next three posts for all the juicy deets. Brandon, from my old stomping grounds of Portland Oregon, sent me a… Read More »Some Weekend Reading