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Another Disney Speaks

In 2004, what do we mean by Walt’s vision? Well, what were the qualities that defined his tenure? Creativity, an attentiveness to regular people and their concerns and interests, a cohesive understanding of the needs of children and their parents, the boldness to take risks, loyalty toward his primary constituency and an unwillingness to rest… Read More »Another Disney Speaks

Roy Disney goes Lame Duck hunting

Michael Eisner’s announcement that he intends to remain CEO for the next two years forces you to make a critical decision. Will you choose to let the Company drift for two more years – allowing the pall Mr. Eisner has cast to continue to drive the most talented and creative people away from Disney, erode… Read More »Roy Disney goes Lame Duck hunting

Two Years Too Long?

Michael Eisner’s two year notice is about twice as long as the usual notice given from CEOs. I noted that this might be problem and writers at the LATimes seem to think so too. This long period of transition will allow for candidates to rise and fall and for various factions inside the company to… Read More »Two Years Too Long?

Eisner’s Resignation Letter

CBS Marketwatch has the contents of Michael’s two-year notice letter. (And I thought I gave plenty of notice with my 1 month warning shots.) In his 20 years as CEO and sometimes Chair of the Walt Disney Company, Eisner helped guide the mouse house to record profits and through amazing downturns. The first 10 years… Read More »Eisner’s Resignation Letter

Breaking News: Eisner Out

Wall Street Journal and Orlando Sentinel report that Michael Eisner, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, has announced that he will retire when his contract expires in 2006. With a lame duck now at the helm, and Bob Iger just fingered as the crown prince, it will be interesting to see how much additional clamoring… Read More »Breaking News: Eisner Out

Yee ol Hurricane

Damage elsewhere was minimal. A tree was down here and there, they found lots of branches in the walkways that were easily moved to the side, and the lawns were littered with leaves. They weren’t their usual immaculate selves! But the infrastructure held together nicely. Two hurricanes, and STILL the horrible Epcot wand remains atop… Read More »Yee ol Hurricane

Eisner visits Post Charley Disney World

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Michael Eisner, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, visited the Orlando theme parks on Wednesday the 18th. He surveyed the damage and then talked with employees thanking them for their work at keeping the parks operating with minimal delays.

Disney World open Saturday?

I’m getting a lot of searches wondering if Disney World, and other Orlando Themeparks will be open on Saturday following Hurricane Charley’s visit. I’ve heard from people who live near the Disney World resort (located southwest of Orlando) and they reported that the eye of the storm passed to the East of the Disney owned… Read More »Disney World open Saturday?