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Ever wonder?

Ever wonder what happened to Judson Green. He used to be the chairman of Walt Disney Attractions, the position Jay Rasula has now. He then left to become CEO of NAVTEQ the company for digital map information for automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices and Internet-based mapping. Now he’s joined the board of HDI, Harley-Davidson… Read More »Ever wonder?

Ovitz Flap biggest losers

I’ve been watching the Ovitz payout shareholder lawsuit with only mild curiosity. I know it holds big importance in the future of board governance for all corporations, I know that a few juicy gossipy details have emerged, but it’s not going to result in any significant change in the way the Walt Disney Company is… Read More »Ovitz Flap biggest losers

The Pixar Mating Season

In listening to the Pixar quarterly analyst meeting, I came away with the distinct impression that Steve Jobs was willing to wait until the next CEO of Disney was announced. Jobs said he expected a game of musical chairs would occur in the film industry and it didn’t make sense to finalize a deal until… Read More »The Pixar Mating Season

Will the Next CEO please stand up.

Yahoo! Inc. Chief Executive Officer Terry Semel has said ‘no way’ to running the Disney Company going forward. Semel ran Warner Bros. in the 90s and has been talked about as a likely successor for Michael Eisner. Sherry Lansing, current chair of Viacom’s Paramount Pictures and old buddy of Michael Eisner, has just announced her… Read More »Will the Next CEO please stand up.

Disney and Pixar Sitting in a Tree

The on again off again relationship of Pixar and Disney has had more twists and turns than a theme park roller coaster. For now it appears to be back on track with the departure of Eisner next year. This does not bode well for Bob Iger’s chances at succession as Pixar likely would not sign… Read More »Disney and Pixar Sitting in a Tree

Miramax Primer

For all of you attempting to follow along with the Disney, Miramax, and Weinstein brothers contract negotiations, The New Statesman has a great primer. I imagine a lot of this is up in the air until the next CEO of Disney is decided upon.

Disney’s Stock is dropping

Disney’s stock is dropping, and I expect to drop some more before the next CEO is decided upon. Recent press releases have hinted that the hurricane trio that hit central florida have done more damage to the park’s bottom line and future earnings than previously thought. Also Bob Iger has been stuck with the role… Read More »Disney’s Stock is dropping

Will the next contestant please stand up?

The hollywood buzz machine had identified the CEO of Yahoo! as a potential replacement for Eisner. Terry Semel is not that far out of a choice, he helped run a movie studio for 20 years and brought a profitable diversity to its product range. At Yahoo! he has helped to do the same thing. Could… Read More »Will the next contestant please stand up?