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Buzz Price, Disneyland Location Researcher, Dead at 89

Walt, CV Wood, and Buzz Price discuss the location of Disneyland.

Some would say that Harrison “Buzz” Price played as big a role in the success of Disneyland as Walt himself. After all, if Buzz hadn’t figured out the ideal location to build Disneyland, it might have floundered as a studio tour add-on, or been misplaced too far from what would eventually become the demographic center of Southern California, Anaheim. Buzz repeated that trick 20 years later when helping narrow down the final location of what was to become Walt Disney World.

We learned today that Buzz died after an illness at the age of 89. Buzz was a Disney Legend and continued to impact the theme park industry with his numbers based research.

In the last few years Buzz became a regular fixture at industry events like IAAPA or NFFC. His humor, wit, and feisty attitude were memorable and enduring. He was living history, not just a connection to the past, but a great insight into today and the future as well. A giant empty spot exists now.

The full obituary released by the family is below the jump:

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