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Gorilla Man Invades Broadway, Disney Announces

Following in the footsteps of Beauty and The Beast and The Lion King, Disney will close a successful themepark attraction only to have a new version open up on Broadway later. This time it’s Tarzan, not-so creatively titled, Disney Presents Tarzan. Phil Collins is writing several additional songs. The play was workshopped early last year… Read More »Gorilla Man Invades Broadway, Disney Announces

Sister Act on Broadway

I’ve met Peter Schneider, former chair of the Walt Disney Studios, a couple times, all in his capacity as head of Walt Disney Feature Animation. He was nice to me even though I was just a fan. His career wasn’t painted so brightly in Disney War, so I’m happy that he’s landed on his feet.… Read More »Sister Act on Broadway

Disney Stage Star makes it big

If you’re watching the CBS Thanksgiving Day celebration tomorrow keep your eyes open for the set from the new musical BKLYN. It should showcase Eden Espinosa the latest star of the great white way. Well let me tell you that I knew her when. I first remember seeing Eden in Disneyland’s Production of Hunchback the… Read More »Disney Stage Star makes it big

Disney Magic Music Days

One of the many things that Disney does right is the Disney Magic Music Days program. The program is a chance for children to perform at a Disney themepark, get a discount on admission and sometimes lodging, and learn a little about what it means to be a paid performer. Disneyland and Disney World participate.… Read More »Disney Magic Music Days