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Bob Iger

How The Grinch Stole Disney

CartoonBrew reports that Longtime Disney Animator Floyd Norman has released another of his sketchbooks. This one has an edge however. "How The Grinch Stole Disney" pokes fun at Eisner and the anti-animation policies that have infested the mouse house recently. Which brings up the question — Does anyone really think things will change at Feature… Read More »How The Grinch Stole Disney

Around the Horn on SaveDisney’s Announcement

A few choice quotes from around the horn: The revolt succeeded at the company’s annual meeting last year in Philadelphia, when 45 percent of the votes cast were withheld from Mr. Eisner and the board stripped him of his chairman’s title. Five months later, Mr. Eisner announced he would not renew his contract past 2006.New… Read More »Around the Horn on SaveDisney’s Announcement

Iger, Staggs next Eisner & Wells?

Disney has just announced huge stock options for the incoming CEO, CFO team of Bob Iger and Thomas Staggs. What remains to be seen is will this duo find in each other the creative pairing that made Eisner and Wells, Walt and Roy, so successful in their CEO/CFO partnerships. Here’s a great post from "how… Read More »Iger, Staggs next Eisner & Wells?

Pixar Possibilities

According to the BBC, not only has Pixar tripled their sales they’re back in talks with the Disney Company now that Bob Iger is in and Eisner is out. Of course all that may be in jeopardy again as the ousted Disney board members (Roy Disney and Stanley Gold) sue to have the appointment overturned… Read More »Pixar Possibilities

Interview with the next CEO

The AP has an interesting interview with Bob Iger, the designated next CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Iger appears to be focused on making both sides of the Disney legacy debate happy with his comments. So I wouldn’t read too much into this. His actions will speak louder than his words. For instance, if… Read More »Interview with the next CEO

Wow! What a trip it’s been

I’m back. Did you miss me? We took a few days longer getting across country than I had planned. Then to top it all off some of our house had to be loaded on a second truck and that truck was delayed by bad weather. But now my computer’s various parts are all assembled together… Read More »Wow! What a trip it’s been

Disney War: Book Reviews are in

Disney War by James Stewart, the book that fires the heavy artillery at Michael Eisner, Bob Iger, and their co-conspirators in the fiscal mishandling of the Disney Brand, has been released and the reviews are in. I have not yet gotten my hands on a… Read More »Disney War: Book Reviews are in

Disney and Pixar Sitting in a Tree

The on again off again relationship of Pixar and Disney has had more twists and turns than a theme park roller coaster. For now it appears to be back on track with the departure of Eisner next year. This does not bode well for Bob Iger’s chances at succession as Pixar likely would not sign… Read More »Disney and Pixar Sitting in a Tree