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Introducing Big Hero 6 Characters and their famous voices


The cast of Disney’s next big animated feature, Big Hero 6, was just announced. Inspired by the Marvel Comic, Big Hero 6, finds 5 friends (and Baymax) thrust into the middle of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo. The main protagonis Hiro turns to Baymax, his closest companion, and then turns the group of friends into a band of techie heroes determined to save the day.

Here’s a new TV spot that rolled out with the World Cup championship match this weekend:

Sounds good. Join me below the jump to meet the main characters and their celebrity voices:

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Big Hero 6: Baymax Tries To Get Into the Soccer Spirit

It’s World Cup time and Baymax, the lovable robot from Disney’s upcoming animated feature, is trying to get into the soccer spirit: Watch the movie November 7th 2014 and see if it ever does catch that soccer ball.