Disney’s remake of The Lion King is now king of the box office in more ways than one

This weekend, Disney’s photo-realistic recreation of “The Lion King” has achieved a new record for Walt Disney Studios. It is now the highest-grossing Disney live-action movie passing “Beauty and the Beast” with $1.335B globally. I don’t know if you can…

Disney’s Short Paperman is a Real Treat

Disney's Paperman

If you were one of the many people to see Disney’s latest feature Wreck-It Ralph over the weekend then you were also lucky enough to see the animated short, Paperman, that preceded it. Chances are you were blown away like so many paper airplanes.

The overwhelming amazement derived from Paperman is equal parts wonderful story and beautiful animation, the proverbial chocolate and peanut butter of memorable movie-making. Paperman resembles its popular contemporary Pixar counterparts in both heart and scope. It also resembles some of the better Pixar shorts in that it doesn’t use any spoken language, relying instead on compelling art against a well-timed soundtrack and the captivating gift of storytelling. It’s a good gift.