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Three clips from “Strange Magic” put its magic on display


Disney kicks off it’s 2015 movie slate with a release of Lucasfilm’s “Strange Magic” via it’s Touchstone Pictures label. You know that label Disney keeps around for movies that just don’t quite fit the mold for the ‘Disney’ brand. Because of that, I’ve been cautious about the film’s potential.

That said, three clips from the film that were just released have left me a bit more confident in the animated musical from Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and, believe it or not, actually looking forward to seeing it.

First up is a clip called “ELf-Sized Serenade” and it gives an idea of how the modern music will be worked into the fairy-tale setting. Here Sunny (Elijah Kelley) and Dawn (Meredith Anne Bull) sing to each other in a musical moment from “Strange Magic”:

Another Strangely Magical music moment features “The Duel Duet” where Marianne (Evan Rachel Wood) and The Bog King (Alan Cumming) face-off in a duel. It’s obvious the film is very light-hearded, even in its darker moments. Read More »Three clips from “Strange Magic” put its magic on display

Moana – officially announced by Disney animation

Moana will be the 57th animated film from the Mouse House and the second film of 2016 from Disney Animation! The comedy adventure will take place in the South Pacific about 2000 years ago and follows the adventures of Disney’s first Polynesian Princess — Moana.… Read More »Moana – officially announced by Disney animation