Disney’s Animal Kingdom animals play with pumpkins!

As you get ready to enjoy some pumpkin pie tomorrow on Thanksgiving, take a look at some of Disney’s Animal Kingdom residents enjoying some quality enrichment time with pumpkins of their own. Enrichment like this is fun and stimulating for the animals and an important… Read More »Disney’s Animal Kingdom animals play with pumpkins!

New Disney Tails Pet Merchandise

We were walking through the Island Merchantile store on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom when we spotted this very cute Disney themed pet merchandise. Here’s a look at the new Disney Tails line: It looked cute, we really liked the dog bowls and Mickey… Read More »New Disney Tails Pet Merchandise

Baby Goats join the Disneyland herd

In today’s moment of cute, Disneyland recently added two baby goats to their small pack of goats at the Big Thunder Ranch petting area. Meet Benard and Bianca, two baby goats who are already out visiting with guests. I like how they have the area… Read More »Baby Goats join the Disneyland herd

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes Its First Ever Masai Giraffe Birth

In today’s moment of cuteness, Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently welcomed its first ever Masai giraffe calf. Masai and reticulated are the two subspecies of giraffe found on the savannas of Kilimanjaro Safaris. The Masai giraffe is native to the plains of southern Kenya and throughout Tanzania.


This as yet unnamed calf will be out exploring his new savanna home within the next few weeks. But in the meantime the Disney Parks Blog is hosting a poll to name the baby giraffe. The choices are: Baraka, meaning blessing; Knodo, meaning battle; Baridi, meaning frost; Shingo, meaning long neck; Asani, meaning rebellious; and Mosi, meaning first. Frost is my last name, so I kinda like that one.

Giraffe trivia and fun facts below the jump:

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The Moms of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and the crew at Disney’s Animal Kingdom wanted to show how several new mothers are celebrating a bit differently than the typical vacationing guest. For starters, they aren’t on vacation. They live at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.… Read More »The Moms of Disney’s Animal Kingdom